Don't Be Embarrassed By Pet Accidents Anymore!

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Accidents Happen.

But there’s no need to get rid of the carpet (or the pet!) to get rid of the odor.

The biggest challenge with pet odor is that it can be much deeper than the carpet. Pet urine can easily soak into the padding the backing of the carpet, and even into the subfloor and the baseboards.

If left untreated, bacteria will start to grow causing the odors to get worse, and can also cause color loss and permanent staining in the fiber of the carpet.


“Dusty and his team are amazing… The last time they cleaned my carpets was really hard because I had just lost my dog. They were so sweet about it and when I came home I found the prettiest flowers from them. That meant so much to me. I won’t use anyone else…”

Michelle Yance, Roseville

Your 3 Options To Treat Pet Odors

Although pet odors are very common, there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. In many cases our regular cleaning process does the trick. In other cases, a topical treatment of enzymes a deodorizers in needed. And in more severe cases, the pad and subfloor may need to be treated – or even replaced. With several treatment options available, we can help find a solution that works best for you.

Topical Treatment

This is for light odors from an occasional accident, or really small pet. In these cases, the urine has not penetrated the backing or padding and may be acceptably surface cleaned. This is the easiest and most affordable treatment option.

Subsurface Extraction

This is for moderate contamination from a larger pet, or a pet who has occasionally piddled in the same spot. The urine has penetrated the carpet and is possibly affected the backing, padding, or subfloor. While this process includes a very thorough rinsing of the carpet, backing, and pad, it is NOT guaranteed to eliminate the odor. It’s often very successful however, and avoids the inconvenience of pulling up the carpet.

Replace Pad & Seal The Subfloor

This is for heavy contamination from a pet who has repeatedly contaminated the same spot, and the carpet, pad, and subfloor are all thoroughly contaminated with urine. In this treatment, the carpet is pulled back, cleaned on both sides, the pad is replaced, and the subfloor is sealed with an odor barrier treatment. Guaranteed 99% successful!

Urine soaking into the padding

FREE Pet Odor Detection & Assessment

We know how frustrating in can be to smell an odor, but have no idea where it's coming from. Using tools such as a black lights and moisture detectors, we can determine both the location and the severity of the pet urine in the carpet. Call now to schedule your FREE assessment!

Free Odor & Urine Detection

Smell something, but not quite sure where it’s coming from? Using black lights and moisture meters, we can locate the source of the smell.

Safe, Non-Toxic Products

Your carpets will be healthier and stay cleaner longer. No harsh chemicals, no soapy residues, just softer, cleaner, and healthier carpets.

Dries In Hours, Not Days

Your carpets will be dry twice as fast with our patented truck mounted equipment, Teflon glides for added air flow, and high-velocity seed dryers.

The Friendliest Technicians Around

You’ll be working with the nicest, friendliest, most professional technicians in the business… and that’s a guarantee!

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Tackle That Pet Odor In 3 Simple Steps

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Relax & Enjoy

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